Matchresultat: Bjorns Wolfblitz vs Sturmboss Grogorks snazzy Sturmband

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Matchresultat: Bjorns Wolfblitz vs Sturmboss Grogorks snazzy Sturmband Empty Matchresultat: Bjorns Wolfblitz vs Sturmboss Grogorks snazzy Sturmband

Inlägg  Peter i sön nov 15, 2009 7:24 pm

General 1 and namn på armé: Bjorns Wolfblitz, Håkan
General 2 och namn på armé: Sturmboss Grogorks Snazzy Sturmband, Peter

*fyll i här, ej obligatoriskt, men tänk på att andra kommer att läsa dessa rapporter. Någon enstaka rad är roligare än ingenting*

Omodifierad matchpoäng General 1: 10
Omodifierad matchpoäng General 2: 10
Kompdiff General 1 - General 2: 5 - 0 = 5

Slutgiltig matchpoäng General 1: 15
Slutgiltig matchpoäng General 2: 5

Annihilation, Dawn of War

Space wolves, deploys first
A unit of grey wolves deploy safely in a rhino behind a ridge. The venerable dreadnought deploys there also.

Orks, deployment
No orks deploy.

Space wolves, turn 1
The second unit of space wolves enter the field right behind the dreadnought and the 1st unit. An empty drop pod lands in front of the ridge.

Orks, turn 1
Koptas and trukks enter on the left flank, trying to sweep around the ridge. Koptas turbo boost. Buggies enter in front of the drop pod, but outside its range. Both boy squads enter on either side of the buggies. The kannons enter at the middle of the field, just to the right of the rightmost boy squad.

Space wolves, turn 2
Both rhinos retreat in front of the threat of trukks and koptas. Dreadnought fires at one trukk, but the bullets bounce off the force field.

Orks, turn 2
Boys advance forward, but keeps away from the drop pod. Kannons and buggies fires at the drop pod, but don't manage to scratch it. Koptas pop one buggy, 2 marines are killed in the ensuing explosion. Leonorkos trukk advance, nobs disembarks beside the dreadnought. Grogorks trukk heads towards the popped buggy. The nobs charge the dreadnought and wrecks it, Leonorko gets engrossed in the technical detail of the dreadnoughts interior (casualty).

Space wolves, turn 3
The forcefully disembarked marines fire at Grogorks trukk, but the bulles only shakes the mighty trukk. The 2nd squad of marines moves to support its brethren.

Orks, turn 3
Boys advance a bit and picks their noses. Kannons and buggies destroys the drop pod's deathwing launcher. Nobs smell fear and WAAAAGHs towards the marines, Gorgork's trukk boys join the fray and wipes the remaining 8 marines, 2 boy's die and 1 nob suffers a wound.

Space wolves, turn 4
Remining squad of grey hunters retreat and disembarks at shooting distance. Fires at the poor orks and kills 3 more of the harmless lads, warboss takes a wound for the team. Drop pod with evil HQ from hell drops by to say hello to the leftmost boy squad. Wipes it effortlessly while the boys are stuck with their fingers up their noses.

Orks, turn 4
Melee mounts up, koptas take out two grey hunters. Kannons fire frags at the evil HQ from hell and kills two marines with shields and removes a charm from the battle leader. Buggies fire at the new drop pod and shakes it.

Space wolves, turn 5
Evil HQ from hell spanks the koptas off the table. Grey wolves fire at Grogork's trukk, but to no avail.

Orks, turn 5
Second boy squad advances towards the evil HQ from hell and fires, some hits, but all saved. Kannons and buggies fire at the drop pod, but only shakes it. Melee takes on the last grey wolves squad and wipes it, but Grogork trips and gets buried under the corpses (casualty), he's not found until after the battle.

Space wolves, turn 6
Evil HQ from hell spanks the buggies, ensuing explosions kills 5 boys. Last Rhino runs away screaming. Battle leader shoots the nob trukk, but misses.

Orks, turn 6
Melee mount up, the trukk boys hunt the rhino. Kannons shake the drop pod. Boys fire at the evil HQ from hell, but it's of no use.

Space wolves, turn 7
Evil HQ from hell fire at the shoota boys, kill 7 more. Battle leader shoots at Nob trukk, immobilize and destroys the weapon. Rhino runs away, still screaming.

Orks, turn 7
Trukk boys charge the rhino, one glance but only shakes it. Kannons shoot at drop pod, but the shells bounce off. Boys shoot at evil HQ from hell, but the shells bounce off.


Space wolves (killed both HQs, koptas, buggies, boy squad) - 5KP
Orks - (Dredd, Rhino, 2 x grey hunters, Drop pod) - 5KP



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Matchresultat: Bjorns Wolfblitz vs Sturmboss Grogorks snazzy Sturmband Empty Sv: Matchresultat: Bjorns Wolfblitz vs Sturmboss Grogorks snazzy Sturmband

Inlägg  SimonEBurgess i tis dec 01, 2009 11:23 am

Fin report som vanligt. Skulle velat se när den däe shoota boysen blev wipeade på 1 shooting runda. Keep it up!

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