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Crashing of the realityshow release party

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Crashing of the realityshow release party Empty Crashing of the realityshow release party

Inlägg  Håkan i fre jul 17, 2009 5:41 pm

Fist of Russ vs. the 413th Moon Devils

Today as the Imperial troops celebrate their successful deployment, they receivee a packet of beer and booze from the network to get the intrigues and jibbering started in this reality show. The thirsty retinue of wolfguards listens in on their holo-receivers and realizes that the party is only a few miles away. Eager to join the festivities they rush to the spot of the unknowing Imperial Realityshow Halabalooza.

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Crashing of the realityshow release party Empty Sv: Crashing of the realityshow release party

Inlägg  majsmannen i lör jul 18, 2009 12:19 pm

Officer Amada was very frustrated about the situation. He really hated the new reallity show actors. He could of course not do so much, the whole thing was a direct order from the ministerium. If he just could think out a way to get rid of them!
"Sir, we have incomming a message from the fist Russ" reported a young officer.
"Display it on screen" said Amada.
He really didn't like those space wolfs. They never followed the regulations and they were always very loud.
"Hey there, Amy, we are on our way to a mission in the next sector and we'd like to pass. Why don't you hurry up and move your cute girlies so we can get going" said the metallic voice of their commander Bjorn. As always he showed no respect, signed no formulars and dissobeyed the regualtions. Amada thought that if it wasn't for their reputation in battle they would never get away with it. Suddenly Amada came up with a great idea.
"No, we are not letting you pass. You will have to take another route" said Amada
"What! Why!"
"Because last time you filled out a formular to get a permission to pass, it came to us all drenched in beer and was signed by 'the arse of terror'. Our server drone who went to pick up the permission came back with obscene words encarved all over its hull."
"My warriors was bored by all the waiting. And if you don't let us pass they might find this waitng too long and battles too far!"
"I had enough of you, you will not pass without forcing the full strength of our army, bye"
Then Amada turned of the transmission. A space wolf was terrifying to meet in a battle ,let alone to meet a really pissed off space wolf. The reallity show actors would get a tough first mission. Maybe some of them would survive. But probably not , thought Amada and smiled.
"Prepare for battle" he ordered.


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