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MATCHRESULTAT - Xol'tans Necrons - Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband

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MATCHRESULTAT - Xol'tans Necrons - Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband Empty MATCHRESULTAT - Xol'tans Necrons - Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband

Inlägg  Peter i tor jul 23, 2009 11:28 pm

General 1 and namn på armé: Peter, Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband
General 2 och namn på armé: Zoltan, Xol'tans Necrons

Målningspoäng för General 1:
Målningspoäng för General 2:

"Klonk!", the Warboss hit his reinforced skull as he entered the newly constructed
shed in the outskirts of the Sturmband camp. "Allroight, Leonorko, da lads been
tellin' me yuv' been up to shifty stuff again, wots dis I hear about bringin'
home scenery?". "Oh! Warboss! I've found the most wondrous things! Look at these
metallic little beetles, such a delicate construction.", Leonorko grabbed a small
beetle like thing that had carefully been cleaned and bore several marks of
a past gunfight. "Or this! A man-machine fused to some sort of skimmer!", Leonorko
hurried to the other side of the newly constructed workshop to show off a
vastly intimidating sight of a robot machine with several large holes, probably from
heavy bore solid ammunition, in it. "Heavy bore ammunition, 20" shells, dem
'umies only bring out dat stuff fer ol' klanky, dis gotta be a darn tuff machine.",
Grogork applied his own analysis flawlessly. "And this! The price of them all!
An ancient machine, probably with deadly technology inside, impervious to all my
scientific tries to enter! I've tried everything! Ripping it open with my
powerklaw, welding it open, giving stones to my grots, biting, everything!",
a great pyramid shaped thing filled with scratches and old dirt loomed over the
warboss. The warboss eyed it warily, "Yer sure dats ok to bring home, Leonorko?".
"Ofcourse! It's totaly safe! It didn't even react when when I short circuited it
with my two power generators!". Unbeknownst to both the warboss and Leonorko, deep
inside the pyramid, a terminal silently flared alive "Hibernation mode inactivated..."

Omodifierad matchpoäng General 1: 15
Omodifierad matchpoäng General 2: 0
Kompdiff General 1 - General 2: -1

Slutgiltig matchpoäng General 1: 14
Slutgiltig matchpoäng General 2: 1

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead (Quarters)

Deployment (Orks): Slugga boys, Shoota boys, and Deff dread take the front. Kannons back up. Buggies and Koptas ready to dart out. Big mek smack in the middle.
Deployment (Necrons): Necron warriors and Monolith in the front, scarabs and destroyers in cover behind.

Turn 1 (Orks): Koptas utilize the scout move to move up in front of the army, and then to zoom into assault range from the warrior squad which can shoot. Buggies flanks right and threatens the same warrior mob. Sluggas, shootas, and deff dread advance. Koptas, Buggies, Shootas open up on the 10-man necron squad, kills 8. Kannons fire at swarm, but swarm saves all hits. Koptas charge the warriors with the lord, kills another necron, takes one wound.

Turn 1 (Necrons): 5 Necrons (of 9) stand back up. Swarm turbo-boost to threaten the buggies, destroyers find a fire-lane, monolith moves a bit. 12-man Necron squad fires at deff dread, glance one hit and shakes it. Destroyers fire at deff dread, no glances. Monolith whips the shoota boy squad, hits 9, kills 2 (extremely lucky cover saves). Koptas kill three more in close combat and then disengages (hit and run).

Turn 2 (Orks): Shootas, Sluggas, Deff dread advances, Buggies zoom back to get out of range of swarm. Koptas move into charge range of 12-man necron squad. Shootas, Buggies fire at the 6 standing necrons (and lord), kills 4. Kannons fire at swarm, kills 2. Koptas fire at 12-man squad, kills 2. Shootas and Deff Dread charges the standing necron warrior and lord and kills them. Koptas charges (now) 10-man squad, kills three more.

Turn 2 (Necrons): Lord stands back up, 3 Necrons in the 12-man squad stands up. Monolith teleport the warrior squad from the koptas clutches. Warriors rapid fire at shoota boys, kills 4. Destroyers shoots at Koptas, kills all. Scarabs charges the deff dread, dread kills 2, Dread is tied up. Warrior squad charges (we know afterward that they can't charge after rapid fire) shoota boys and routes them (runs them over), 4 necrons lost.

Turn 3 (Orks): Buggies kill one warrior, Kannons glance the monolith, all boys charges the remaining 5 warriors and kills them with 89 + 10 power fist attacks. (though after 60 attacks there were still no wounds..., sweaty!). Deff dread kills scarab swarm.

Phase out.


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MATCHRESULTAT - Xol'tans Necrons - Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband Empty Sv: MATCHRESULTAT - Xol'tans Necrons - Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband

Inlägg  SimonEBurgess i lör jul 25, 2009 1:23 pm

hahaha! Din lore är fan iunderbar!

När turneringen är slut måste vi göra ett par extra utnämningar:

1. Sportsmanship

2. Loremaster

hmm... kommer inte på någopt mer nu

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