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INTERLUDE: Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy sturmband vs. Eldar warhost

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INTERLUDE: Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy sturmband vs. Eldar warhost Empty INTERLUDE: Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy sturmband vs. Eldar warhost

Inlägg  Peter i ons aug 05, 2009 11:41 pm

wrrruuuum, wruuum, dakkadakkadakka, wruuuum. "Ey, Warboss! Sumthin'z coming!".
Grogork looked up from his rather dogeared issue of playork and removed his
shades. Over the horizon a big cloud of dust was whipped up by an approaching
trukk coming in with reckless speed. wruuum, dakkadakka, wruuUUUM, WRRUUUUUUM!
Sturmboss Grogork stood up and gazed at the trukk, now skidding to a halt
inside the ring of orky barricades. "You'ze lots! Watcha think yer doin' in my
camp!", Grogorks bellow was heard even over the trukk's revvin'. A wounded shape
was thrown off the trukk and a painboy jumped after. Another big ork jumped
off the trukk and bellowed back "We'ze got a mechanized war party of panzees
on our heels! Dey swagged warboss Urtbad an' we're da only one's left! Get ready
fer fight!". Sturmboss Grogork sat down again, reasserted his shades, and
opened the playork again. "Narr, I gots one of doze contracts of ex-tradition
wiv' da panzees, see? All orks in my sturmband not included per se, BOYZ!"
The trukk with the nobs were quickly surrounded by the sturmband. The nobs
snarled, the trukk revved, the boys bellowed and hooted. The leading nob
suddenly snarled at the Sturmboss, "Yer too weedy to command dez boys! I'll
kick yer nuts in, and then loot der panzFWOOOSH!". The nob's last word was lost
as his head suddenly melted. "Roight", the sturmboss stood up with a smoking
hole through his favorite edition of playork, "who said loot? And now we can
agree it's mah trukk, roight?". The boyz and newly arrived nobs nodded as
the command structure was yet again asserted.

Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy sturmband ( + nobs) vs. Eldar warhost

Eldar warhost
2x Fire prism
2x Dire avenger squads of 10 (Exarch, bladestorm) in Wave serpents
10x Harlequins
5x Dire Avengers

Battle report (Big board)
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Normal

Orks deploy first: Trukk with nobs and warboss in the middle, shoota boys on
the left flank, slugga boys in the middle. Kannons between them. Klanky and
Leonorko with the slugga boys. Deff koptas in the middle, buggies to the right.

Eldar deploy: All tanks in the far right corner, Harlequins as a screen in

Turn 1 (Ork): All infantry move towards the far right corner. Deffkoptas zoom
over the board and deny the eldar the left third of the board. Trukk move a
bit forward.

Turn 1 (Eldar): Fire prisms open fire on the trukk, but it's covered by
Leonorkos kustom force field. One wave serpent unloads dire avengers who
bladestorm the trukk and immobilize it.

Turn 2 (Ork): Infantry continues to move, nobs + warboss sit still in the trukk.
Buggies manage to blast a fire prism to smithereens. Deff koptas advance and
shoot and shakes the other fire prism.

Turn 2 (Eldar): The dire avengers which bladestormed mount up and retreat.
The other squad disembarks and bladestorm the deff koptas out of the sky.
Harlequins destroy a buggy.

Turn 3 (Ork): Infantry moves, nobs + warboss disembark and move. Some rokkits,
but no fun things.

Turn 3 (Eldar): Dire avengers mount up and retreat again. Fire prism + other
dire avengers unleash hell on the nobs + warboss who gets shot down. Klanky
is wrecked by a lucky krak missile. But Harlequins is now at a bad position
due to a missed charge.

Turn 4 (Ork): Kannons manage to peel open a wave serpent and the dire avengers
inside are charged by the shoota boys and killed. Slugga boys shoot 6 Harlequins
and kill the rest in assault, one boy lost.

Turn 4 (Eldar): Bladestorming eldar mount up and retreat, the five dire avengers
form a shield between the last fire prism and wave serpent. Wave serpent destroys
the immobilized trukk.

Turn 5 (Ork): Shoota boys kill 4 dire avengers, both tanks and last dire avenger
are charged by the slugga boys. Dire avenger gets mashed into a pulp, fire prism
is stunned/shaken, Wave serpent also shaken.

Turn 5 (Eldar): Tries to get the buggy, but misses. Eldar retreats.

Orks win (by a small amount)


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INTERLUDE: Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy sturmband vs. Eldar warhost Empty Sv: INTERLUDE: Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy sturmband vs. Eldar warhost

Inlägg  SimonEBurgess i mån aug 10, 2009 12:57 pm

hahaha! Fan va go din Lore är peter.

Av någon anledning har jag missar den här posten. Fin som snus!

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