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MATCHRESULTAT: Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband - 413th brigade, the moon devils

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MATCHRESULTAT: Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband - 413th brigade, the moon devils Empty MATCHRESULTAT: Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband - 413th brigade, the moon devils

Inlägg  Peter i ons aug 05, 2009 11:48 pm

General 1 and namn på armé: Peter, Sturmboss Grogork's snazzy Sturmband
General 2 och namn på armé: Johan, 413th brigade, the moon devils

Målningspoäng för General 1: 14
Målningspoäng för General 2: 6

Grogork raised his eyes from the newly arrived letter and eyed the human
messenger held upside down by a rather enterprising nob. "So, yer wants
da sturmband in te-lur-fission?". "Yes sir Ork, that is correct sir Ork",
the marine nodded vigorously. "An' yer wants a dawn raid, but we'ze not
suppozed to kill anyone, jus knock em out?". "Ofcourse, it's television!
We'll pay you handsomely!". "An' no hard feelings if an arm or two is
ripped off, a tank or three krumped an' da loot swagged?", Grogork
quickly added the three clauses to a makeshift contract and forced the
marine to jot down his signature. "Off yer go, little soft pinky, da
Sturmband will be makin' te-lur-fission by dawn.", Grogork grinned.

Omodifierad matchpoäng General 1: 15
Omodifierad matchpoäng General 2: 0
Kompdiff General 1 - General 2: 0

Slutgiltig matchpoäng General 1: 15
Slutgiltig matchpoäng General 2: 0

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of war

Orks deploy first: Shoota boys, Slugga boys, Big Mek Leonorko deploy as far in as possible, covering 2/3s of the board on the left side.
Imperial guard does not deploy anything. Storm troopers deep strike, Horses in reserve, penal legion outflank.

Turn 1 (orks): Koptas turbo boost onto the board, buggies goes all out on the right flank. All boys advance. Warboss and Deff dread tries to catch up with the boys. Kannons move into position behind a hill.

Turn 1 (IG): A griffon, chimera, and medusa goes into position on the far left flank. Troopers with grenade launchers take the middle, command squad 2/3s to the left and a lascannon squad to the far right. The last griffon tries to hinder the coming horde by placing itself in the way. Medusa, grenade launchers and psyker squad goes all out on the shoota boys, kills about three shoota boys and a slugga boy. Griffons uses smoke launchers.

Turn 2 (Orks): Koptas zoom up on the left flank and krumps the Medusa, the slugga boys krumps the griffon trying to block the way. Buggies zoom left, trying to avoid the lascannon. Warboss and deff dread runs after the boys. Kannons kill 2 troopers in the lascannon squad.

Turn 2 (IG): No reserves or deep strikers arrive. The penal legion outflanks close to the kannons and kills all the crew in assault. Lascannon squad runs for a good cover/fire spot and reaches it. Grenade squad covers the remaining griffon to avoid a charge, fires into the shoota boys squad with First rank! Second rank! and kills three more. Griffon fires at shoota boys, kills two more. Chimera fires at shoota boys, kills one more, but they are still fearless. Command squad shoots down a deff kopta.

Turn 3 (Orks): Slugga boys reaches the command squad and wipes them. Shoota boys reaches the grenade squad and wipes them, three shoota boys die. Deff dread turns around to threaten the penal legion. Warboss reaches and joins the slugga boys. Deff koptas stuns the chimera.

Turn 3 (IG): Horses comes in behind the chimera. Storm troopers deep strike behind the deff dread. Lascannon squad moves to find a better fireing position. Remaining griffon uses its flamer to kill 3 shoota boys and 2 slugga boys. Horses charges the shoota boys and kills a few more, only a shoota boy, nob and big mek left. Shoota boys kill 2 horses in retaliation and stay in the fight. Storm troopers fire plasma and melta guns in the back of the deff dread, plasma overheats and kills the sergeant. The Deff dread skorcha is destroyed.

Turn 4 (Orks): Warboss and slugga boys charges remaining griffon and horses, krumps the griffon and eats the horses. Buggies krumps the chimera and the psyker squad is charged by the deff koptas, two psykers (one by rokkit fire) down and one wound on the deff koptas, draw. Deff dread turns around and charges the storm troopers and routes them.

Turn 4 (IG): Lascannon squad immobilize the deff dread. Penal legion runs to block a charge against the lascannons. Psykers battle the deff koptas, but still locked in a draw.

Turn 5 (Orks): Slugga boys and shoota boys joins the fight against the psykers and wipes them. Buggies zoom to join the fight against the lascannon squad and kills one trooper. Grot riggers get the dread moving again.

Turn 5 (IG): Penal legion covers the lascannon squad, lascannon fires at deff dread and shakes it.

Turn 6 (Orks): Deff dread runs full ahead against the lascannon squad, deff koptas turbo boost to join the fray, buggies kill yet another crew of the lascannon squad.

Turn 6 (IG): Lascannon glance the dread and immobilize it.

Game end.


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