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Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband

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Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband Empty Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband

Inlägg  Peter i ons sep 09, 2009 11:23 am

Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband (1250p, 0 KP)

"Sturmboss Grogork, the atrocity, was sitting cross legged beside his newly planted patch of Orks.
His mind had drifted off and he was silently humming a tune while carefully watering the little
menaces. His solitude was soon disturbed as the head grot of internal affairs saluted smartly
two inches from his ear, "HEAD GROT RIPOARTING SIR!". The sturmboss turned his head towards the
head grot, a pesky little bugger he never really liked, "Say, head grot, have you ever seen
ork plants feed?". "NAH SIR! DEM WARPHEADS 'AVE LOCATED DEM SCUMGRODS!", the head grot did
not take the hint. "Well head grot, I hav' an oppurtunity of a a lifetime fer ya! It's time
fer a promotion!", Grogorks eyes gleamed in the shade of the ork plants. "A promotion
fer me? I wuz only doin' me job sir!". "Fer grots like you, yer more useful as a part of
my elite boy mobs!", Grogork picked up the grot by the head and threw him bodily to his
new strain of carnivourous ork plants. As the screams from the head grot died down, Grogork
came out of his revery and started towards the warphead pens, "Warpheads, roight, freakin' loons.". Leonorko
was already ahead of him and argued with the grot keepers of the pens, "So, lowly grot keepers,
you say that the warpheads have confirmed the location of our adversaries to be the Moonshine
Well system?". "Dats roight, der waivin' and bashin', had te gief em more fungus ta keep em still,
knocked em out ded proppa!", the head grot keeper's words explained the three stretched shapes
in the pen. "Dat settles it, set sail fer Moonshine Well system masta Leonorko, we've got a
party to Krash.", Grogork beamed at his pun on words. Leonorko eyed the sturmboss Grogork warily.
"Hurrhurr, krash yer see, roight down on der heads with dem rok, hurrhurr". "Right, I see,
I will see to it shortly, will just make the last adjustments to the new trukk, Sturmboss!",
Leonorko retreated from the onslaught of humour. "An I will bash da lads into order! Get ready
fer looting!", Sturmboss Grogork went off to find the nobs, still smiling from the great joke."


Sturmboss Grogork (115p, -7KP)
[Independent character, Furious charge, Mob rule, Waaagh!]
Power klaw, Attack squig, cybork body, skorcha/shoota

Big mek Leonorko (85p, -13KP)
[Independent character, Furious charge, Mob rule, Waaagh!]
Kustom force field


7x Nobs (305p, -32KP)
[Furious charge, Mob rule, Waaagh!]
2x Power klaw, 2x big choppa, Waaagh banner, bosspole, shoota/skorcha
Painboy, grot orderly
Trukk (Reinforced ram, Rokkit launcha)

11x Trukk boyz (151p, -11KP)
[Furious charge, Mob rule, Waaagh!]
Nob (PK, BP)
Trukk (Reinforced ram, boarding plank)

20x Shoota boyz (170p, -8KP)
[Furious charge, Mob rule, Waaagh!]
Nob (Power Klaw, Bosspole), 2x big shootas

20x Shoota boyz (170p, -8KP)
[Furious charge, Mob rule, Waaagh!]
Nob (Power Klaw, Bosspole), 2x big shootas

Fast attack

2x Buggies (70p, -4KP)
[fast, open-toppen]
Twin-linked rokkits

2x Deff-koptas (115p, -3KP)
[Furious charge, Mob Rule, Scout, Hit and run]
Twin-linked rokkits, buzzsaw

Heavy support

Big gunz (69p, -2KP)
Kannons, 3 ammo runts


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Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband Empty Sv: Sturmboss Grogork's Snazzy Sturmband

Inlägg  SimonEBurgess i ons sep 09, 2009 3:55 pm

haha! Underbar Lore som vanligt. Det balla är att alla med hjälp av loren får våra kampanjer att konvergerea till en självgående histora.

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