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414th regiment

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414th regiment Empty 414th regiment

Inlägg  Peter i ons sep 09, 2009 1:46 pm

It was a Sunday evening at the base camp for the 414:th brigade. Like all Sunday evenings brother Nicolaus, also known as ”Nick the chainsaw messiah from Gamma V”, had held a cermon in the name of the Emperor. He had preached how the priesthood always had advocated that blasphemy should be slashed and cut from the pure. Something that of course got a very concrete meaning since he always carried a huge blessed chainsaw. Commisar Lord Harath however liked the priest, he encouraged a special kind of faith among the solders, a belief that eternal life was awaiting, if they sacrificed themselves in the name of the emperor, something that was excellent in battle. Harath also instilled a special kind of faith – that if they did not sacrifice their life in the name of the emperor, then Harath would. They were two sides of the same coin.

”Ah, Lord Harath, any news?”
”Yes Nick, it seems like we have been assigned to a new warzone”.
”Excellent. War gives birth to peace”
”How long will you stay with us father, there's nothing that keeps you here”
”You are wrong Lord Harath. As I did Cemro meditation* I had a divine vision. In the vision I was told I would stay with your army untill I witnessed a most important event”

And so the war started.

*Cemro meditation is a powerful technique that is taught to monks in the monastery of Cemro, just before they make a holy pledge to spend the rest of their lives in a small metal box. Therefore most monks drops out from the monastery just after the technique is learned.



Comisar Lord Harath
Comisar Lord
+Carapace armour (4+)10p
+Power Fist 15p
+Melta bombs 5p
refactor field (5+ inv)
frag & krakk granades
*Independet character
*summary execution
*Aura of discipline
100p Tot.

Nicolaus ”The Chainsaw messiah”
Ministorium priest
+eviscerator(chainfist) 15p
+shotgun 0p
flak armour (5+)
frag grenades
Rosarius (4+ inv)
*independent character
*righteous fury
60p Tot


Veteran squad I
+3xMelta guns 30p
+Chimera 55p
lasguns(segant har las pist)
flak armour
frag & krakk grenades
155p tot

Veteran squad II
+3xMelta guns 30p
lasguns (sergant har las pist)
flak armour
frag & krakk grenades
100p tot

infantary platoon

platoon command squad
+3x flamers 15p
+2xlas pist 0p
frag grenades
flak armour
*Junior officer
45p tot

inf sqd I
+1x powerweapon (sergant)10p
+melta bombs (sergant) 5p
las guns (sergant har las pist)
frag grenades
flak armour
*Combined squads
65p tot

inf sqd II
+1x powerweapon (sergant)10p
+melta bombs (sergant) 5p
las guns (sergant har las pist)
frag grenades
flak armour
*Combined squads
65p tot

Penal Legion
las gun (sergant har las pist)
flak armour
80p tot


8x Rough riders
las pist
flak armour
hunting lance
frag & krakk grenades
85p tot

(fast,skimmer,tranport 12st)
3x twinlinked lascannons
search light
extra armour
*Deep strike
*grav chute insertion
130p tot


Leman Russ Executioner
executioner plasma
search light
smoke launcher
+lascannon 15p
*Lumbering behemoth
205p tot

Storm eagle rockets
Search light
smoke launcher
+Heavy flamer 0p
*limited ammo
160p tot

komp 43


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