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Battlereport: Gorten (Peter) vs. Severius (Simon), 15pts, caster kill

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Battlereport: Gorten (Peter) vs. Severius (Simon), 15pts, caster kill Empty Battlereport: Gorten (Peter) vs. Severius (Simon), 15pts, caster kill

Inlägg  Peter i mån mar 01, 2010 1:40 pm

Gorten (Peter)
- Gunner
- Gunner
- Driller
Thor Steinhammer
- Basher

Severius (Simon)
- Redeemer
- Crusader
- Blessing of VENGEANCE!
Minimum Choir

<insert fluff here>

Scenario: Caster kill

Severius wins toss, decides to deploy first.

Severius (Deployment):
Severius deploys in the far left end, somewhat clustered. Redeemer in the middle, crusader on the left, Blessing on the right. Choir behind and Severius in the middle behind.

Gorten (Deployment):
Thor and Basher deploys on the right. Gortens battlegroup opposite Severius.


Round 1 (Severius)
Severius battlegroup rushes forward, deploying the Redeemer strategically on the hill in front and sings the song of no ranged attacks. Severius casts eye of menoth and the +2 arm/def on blessing of vengeance.

Round 1 (Gorten)
Thor drives the Basher, but fails and loses the jack marshal ability. Thor + Basher advances as far as they can on the right flank. Gortens battlegroup repositions a bit to be outside of the Redeemers range and waits for Thor to get in position. Gorten gives SoG to the driller.

Round 2 (Severius)
The choir sings the song of +2 and the Redeemer lets loose, damaging a gunbunny for 4 points. The jacks move a bit toward Gorten.

Round 2 (Gorten)
Thor drives the basher up on a hill, into threat range from Blessing of Vengeance. Thor hides behind a large block, out of LoS. Gortens battlegroup moves up and opens fire at the Redeemer, but rolls terribad and misses all shots. Gorten conjurs a rock wall to avoid retaliation.

Round 3 (Severius)
Blessing of Vengeance moves towards the Basher and flashes it's arc node threatingly. Severius uses the advantage and casts ashes to ashes which leaves the Basher unhurt, but kills Thor who were out of LoS behind a really big rock! Gorten cries foul! Severius then pops his feat which leaves Gorten without focus the next turn and removes SoG and the rock wall. The redeemer takes a pot shot at the only unprotected gunbunny and hits for 4 damage. The choir sings the song of no ranged attacks which we promptly forget.

Round 3 (Gorten)
Basher is now on it's own and moves a bit behind the enemy lines to try to draw Blessing away from the main force. Gortens battlegroup shuffles a bit and really doesn't do much. Some shots but nothing spectacular.

Round 4 (Severius)
Blessing of Vengeance takes the bait and charges the Basher with 3 focus. Inflicts severe damage, but does not cripple any system. Nothing much else happens.

Round 4 (Gorten)
Gorten gets his focus back, gives three focus to the driller and casts Strength of Granite on it. He then proceeds to landslide Crusader, Redeemer, and three choir boys into threat range. He kills one of the choir boys himself and the two bunnies pick of the two remaining. The driller charges the Redeemer and makes junk out of it. The Basher knocks the blessing but only inflicts 4 or so damage.

Round 5 (Severius)
The crusader moves a bit backwards to try to avoid the rampaging driller. Blessing of Vengeance scraps the basher. Severius uses the arc node to devastate a gun bunny, crippling everything except the movement systems.

Round 5 (Gorten)
The crippled bunny rushes in to tie up blessing. The remaining gunbunny fires at the crusader, inflicting some damage. The driller charges over the scrapped redeemer and just reaches the crusader. The driller inflicts massive damage but does not scrap it. Gorten charges the crusader and finishes the job.

With only Blessing of Vengeance, and a choir boy left, Severius considers his options. He's facing off against an unhurt driller, a functional gunbunny, a non-functional gunbunny, and a really angry Gorten. He has the upper hand in movement, but Gorten has several ranged options left and he must keep within 0.5" to be able to fire and not getting shot back.

We call it a draw with a minor upper hand for Gorten to avoid spending the night in a chase and fire scenario.


* Fun and good game! It's noticable that we've learned a lot since our first games.
* It's evil that Thor loses the marshal ability if he fails a drive.
* Ashes to ashes is really nasty against Thor! Must keep Thor atleast 6 inches away from the Basher when getting close to Severius.


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Battlereport: Gorten (Peter) vs. Severius (Simon), 15pts, caster kill Empty Sv: Battlereport: Gorten (Peter) vs. Severius (Simon), 15pts, caster kill

Inlägg  SimonEBurgess i mån mar 01, 2010 11:23 pm

Indeed, smashing gejm! Kul battle report, ska läsa igenom den noggrant imorgon. Det lär man sig alltid av.

Kan bara instämma i dina sista kommentrer. Man lär sig hinkvis fortfarande, fast vi spelat med dessa nissar förut.

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